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A Quiet Morning Cup

Hotel Paris Chill

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This A Quiet Morning glassware featuring HÔTEL 827's unique colour and modern, simply designed lettering reminiscent of a "relaxing morning".

Achieve a sense of stability and practicality in your kitchen with the A Quiet Morning Cup, featuring clear, distortion-free transparency and high quality. The generous size of the cup not only increases its practicality, but also adds an attractive element to your kitchen atmosphere.

Product Details

• ∅ 8.8 x H 14.7 cm
• 450ml (16oz)
• Material: Glass
• There may be air bubbles, micro scratches, and color transfer from the manufacturing process.
• The line at the rim is all handmade, so it may not be smooth or have a uniform shape, and there may be lumps/wrinkles/bending/bubbles.

Care Instructions

• Dishwasher not recommended. Prints may be blurred.
• Avoid contact with oven, microwave, direct fire, or induction.
Since it is not a heat-resistant glass product, please avoid sterilisation with boiling water.
• Be careful as it may be damaged when subjected to strong impact.
• Please use a soft sponge or cloth material for cleaning.
• If detergent is used repeatedly, the print may fade over time.