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Scent of Chillier Days Candle 260g (Botanical Park)

Hotel Paris Chill

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Dense fog in the early morning hours caused by overnight rain;

Pink sunlight softly revealed through the cracks;

Walking quietly, smelling the fresh morning scent.


A scented candler that delivers the fresh and dreamy feeling of a walk in the early morning. Hotel 827's first scented candle. 


The most primordial smell of nature. 

Trees and grasses and flowers that have not fully grown.

The smell of rain from moist soil with fresh green water.

The warmth of the slowly brightening sunlight.


Fresh, yet warm and cozy. The ceramic jar can be reused as a multi-purpose holder. 

Product Details

• ⌀8.2 x H9.5 CM / 260g
• Ceramic
• 100% natural wax
• Phthalate, a plastic plasticiser, based on the safety of IFRA standards. It is a fragrance oil without additives and produced by a professional perfumer in the United States.
• Candles are sensitive to the environment and humidity, thus the surface may be uneven.
• Wet spot (a phenomenon in which wax rises from the container), frosting (when white frost sits on it), shrinkage, air bubbles, dew formation, cracks are phenomena caused by using natural materials and are not defects.

Care Instructions

• Keep the wick at 5mm to prevent soot and ensure a stable flame.
• When using for the first time, burn for 2-3 hours to prevent tunneling.
• Use in a place where children and pets cannot reach.
• Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
• Seek medical attention if skin irritation or red spots appear.