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Pattern Mug 273


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Craftpractise products are made by hand, from moulding to glazing.

Product Details

• Approx. Φ8.5 x H8 cm
• Craft Practise products are made by hand, from moulding to glazing.
• For products with hand-painting, the pattern or shape may vary from the picture.
• There may a lump of glaze, or a pinhole phenomenon in the shape of a small bubble. The shape may not be constant, and there may be approx. 1cm size variance.
• These are the characteristics of hand made porcelain products, and the products are only made as one off.

Care Instructions

• For products with gold and silver, please do not put into microwave or oven.
• Dishwasher safe. However, sudden temperature change may break or shatter the product.
• Dry it well after washing.
• If the coated silver is used and discoloured, rub it with scrubber and toothpaste, the lustre will come back to life.
• Avoid exposing to moisture, as there may be stains on the bottom of the product that is not glazed.