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La Saison Plate (Dijon on Linen)

Hotel Paris Chill

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Hotel 827's Volume 5 La Saison tells the story of the unexpected joy and everyday life that we often reminisce about the moment through the small scents around us that we unintentionally remember.

You can feel the uniqueness and European sensibility that is unique to Hotel827 through the colour harmony of handwriting and painting lettering on the linen body colour. The 19 cm diameter size is versatile, making it a plate you will encounter often in daily life.

Pair it with other products from La Saison Series, to create your own combination.

Product Details

• ∅ 19 cm
• Ceramic
• The expression of delicate and natural natural brush touch of the handwritten HÔTEL827, is done through handmade processes of colour separation/contrast/concentration/engraving.
• All prints are done by hand, some may be sharp and some may be blurry.
• Each product has its unique thickness, shape and colour.
• Due to the nature of handmade products, the flow of the glaze and parts with an uneven surface may exist.
• Small dots, bubbles, and flow marks due to the iron content of white porcelain can occur during the manufacturing process.

Care Instructions

• Wash using a soft sponge or cloth material.
• After washing, store it in a shaded and well-ventilated place after it is completely dry.
• Do not use dishwasher, oven, microwave, direct fire, or induction.