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Paris Chill Cup

Hotel Paris Chill

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This Paris Chill Glassware is inspired by our daily routine. An object you can encounter in your busy daily life. French lettering drawn by Hotel827. Clear transparency without distortion, stable high intensity and the generous size enhances practicality.

Product Details

• ∅ 8.8 x H 14.7 cm
• 450ml (16oz)
• Material: Glass
• There may be air bubbles, micro scratches, and color transfer from the manufacturing process.
• The line at the rim is all handmade, so it may not be smooth or have a uniform shape, and there may be lumps/wrinkles/bending/bubbles.

Care Instructions

• Dishwasher not recommended. Prints may be blurred.
• Avoid contact with oven, microwave, direct fire, or induction.
Since it is not a heat-resistant glass product, please avoid sterilisation with boiling water.
• Be careful as it may be damaged when subjected to strong impact.
• Please use a soft sponge or cloth material for cleaning.
• If detergent is used repeatedly, the print may fade over time.