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Paris Chill Socks (Toffee)

Hotel Paris Chill

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Experience luxurious comfort with our Paris Chill Socks in Toffee. Made with a warm and cozy toffee colour, these socks will keep your feet feeling pampered and stylish. Perfect for lounging at home or wearing with your favourite pair of shoes.

The Paris Chill socks, appropriate for every season, boast dual lettering on the toe and ankle, a charming vintage colour scheme, a discrete ribbed design, and a comfortable length and size for a natural aesthetic. The hidden lettering, only revealed when turned around after taking off your shoes, adds a small delight to your daily routine.

Product Details

• Shoe Size: 220 - 260 mm
• Ankle: 85mm
• Length: 210mm (From Ankle)

• Cotton 75% + Polyester 20% + Polyurethane 5%

Care Instructions

• The colour may vary depending on the light, the shooting location, and the monitor.
• Hand wash is recommended.
• Do not bleach.
- Squeeze softly and dry in shade.