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Bowl Stripe Olive S


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A bowl handcrafted by Pollygarden Studio, showcasing diverse designs created through the blending and moulding of coloured clay.

Product Details

• Handmade in Korea
• High-fired Ceramic
• Glossy Finish
• Approx. Φ14.5 x H5 cm
• The size of each piece may have variance of less than 1 cm
• Each piece has its unique shape and detailed patterns, which is created by the processed of kneading, rolling, and cutting the soil by hand
• The charms of small holes or rough texture that may have been caused during the handmade process are the perfect imperfection that is meant to be appreciated
• The handmade ceramic products of Pollygarden are safe tableware that can be also timeless with your special attention

Care Instructions

• The item can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher. However, rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface
• Wash with a soft sponge after use
• The bottom of the pottery that is not glazed may leave its stain with contact of humidity, so let it breathe after the wash and keep it dry
• Handle it with much of your love