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Paper Mug Marble Beige 400ml


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A mug made by thinly kneading marbled clay.

Product Details

• Handmade in Korea
• High-fired Ceramic
• Matte Finish
• Approx Φ9 x H8 cm
• 400ml
• All products are made by hand in Pollygarden Studio from start to finish. Each piece has its own unique shape due to natural effects created in the process of kneading, rolling, and cutting the soil by hand.
• Unlike products made in factories, the shape and detailed patterns of the cups are slightly different for each product.
• Due to the nature of handmade, the size of the product may have an error of less than 1 cm.
• Pressed marks, small scratches, rough textures, black spots, pinholes, glaze flow marks, are all part of the work.

Care Instructions

• The item can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher. However, rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface
• Wash with a soft sponge after use
• The bottom of the pottery that is not glazed may leave its stain with contact of humidity, so let it breathe after the wash and keep it dry
• Handle it with much of your love